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Travis Sanders

When Travis is not designing and developing stellar training using the concepts he’s applied from a lifetime of the “never stop learning” philosophy… you can find him in his lair creating music, sound effects and sonic magic. His other hobbies include growing a more wizardly beard, nerding out over baseball (STL), hockey (STL), darts, axe-throwing, and the best methods for raising good kiddos to co-create an inspiring future for all life on this planet.

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We have a team of freelancers at the ready. These rock stars contribute a range of talents that make our services stand out.

If you are interested in working as a freelancer, feel free to connect and fill out our contact form.

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We Create Engaging Learning Experiences


Our Story

Acoustic Memory Productions was founded out of a love for designing sounds and music to enhance rich media. The term Acoustic Memory was coined by a music therapist who was working with patients to improve cognitive abilities and social skills. The term was coined to describe how the mind categorizes and stores information, which is enhanced by the emotional responses to certain types of music. Using this concept, music therapists have found that music therapy delivered the most impact for improving the psychological and emotional health of patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Our Mission

Our mission is deliver the most engaging and effective training materials that drive results in your organization. With all of the tools, technologies and avenues of delivery available in today’s learning space….things can get confusing and convoluted. This is where we come in. We help you simplify your content, sift through the fields of available options and streamline your processes to deliver tangible results. The kinds of results that just weren’t possible with the old way of delivering classroom training using “point-and-click slide show presentations to a packed house. The delivery of the information is key, but the planning and intention behind the training design will always drive the results you’re seeking.

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